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About Jason

Our Tattoo Artist Jason is a client favorite. No matter the tattoo, big or small, he always makes the process fun and memorable wihle providing high quality tattoos. It’s hard not to want to come back. He’s been with us for several years now and continues to shine and grow. He is committed to his craft, constantly drawing, painting and learning. In his spare time he has a strong passion for fitness and competes in Triathlons regularly. Jason works in many styles and loves to bring his clients’ visions to life in the skin. He will always take the time to get it right and is a true gentleman. We are happy to have such dedication from our artists. To set up a consultation or book and appointment with Jason, use our contact page or email him directly at jason@jasonbarletta.com

Here is a small video clip of Jason tattooing Madonna, the singer actor:

Tattoos by Jason

51 West 14th St. Suite 2R New York, NY 10011



Monday1 PM - 9 PM
Tuesday1 PM - 9 PM
Wednesday1 PM - 9 PM
Thursday1 PM - 9 PM
Friday1 PM - 10 PM
Saturday1 PM - 10 PM
Sunday1 PM - 9 PM

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