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Alex Passapera is a tattoo artist that has been in the industry for the better part of a decade, working up and down the east coast and abroad.  With a background in fine art, illustration and sequential art from the Savannah College of Art and Design of Georgia, Alex brings years of study and practice to every tattoo design he takes on. Alex apprenticed in the college town of Burlington, Vermont where he honed his skills working with skin.  
After four years in the mountains and traveling to do guest spots, around the country and overseas, he moved back NYC where he found a new home in Rising Dragon Tattoos.

Alex's work is derived from a love of comic art and illustration, with an emphasis on bold, clear composition and bright color.  He draws inspiration from artists such as Frank Frazetta, Jean Giraud, Sorayama, Boris Vallejo and Brom to name a few.  His favorite type of tattooing is anything with strong visual storytelling.  Wolves, skulls, dragons, fantasy or horror or light hearted imagery, he enjoys making his clients ideas come to life in exciting and dynamic ways. 

An attention to detail and movement gives client's ideas unique, fresh and imaginative works of art.  He enjoys working with his customers on designs that are personal to them and relies on their trust to give him the freedom while creating their tattoo.

To book an a consultation appointment with Alex to discuss ideas for future tattoos, please contact the shop via our contact page or contact Alex directly at adpassapera@gmail.com

Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Check out this awesome video Alex made working out a Samurai Tattoo:


Here's a sample of his spontaneous creativity with some Game-of-Thrones-Tattoo-Flash

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